Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bengal Before RSS :: Raam Mandirs and Tradition of Raam Bhakti in Bengal

The pro-establishment Tolly-rated elites have been vocal with acute shrill that Lord Raam is not Bengal's deity; Since Durgapuja is celebrated with great pomp and fervor in today's Bengal, RaamNavanmi, hence, is not a Bengali festival and it is an RSS-BJP conspiracy to import this Raam culture from the dehats of North Indian cow belt. Many of their front line ideologues have cascaded this falsehood everywhere. As if they do not know who He was to invoke Devi Durga untimely in Autumn (Akaal Bodhan), the usual time Bengalis worship the Mother Divine. Then again, why would the intelligentsia toe the politicians’ lines, had they read texts and honored reasons?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Myth of India's Jobless Growth

Indian economy has experienced a rapid and phenomenal growth between 2011 and 2018, specially in the last four years of this period, some major macro indicators have moved with higher gradient in their curves. The highest ever foreign exchange reserves, one of the strongest internal reserves, sizable growth in FDI, achieving a steady and steep 7+% GDP growth rate and stepping 3 slots from 9th to 6th largest economy of the World - all happening in one political regime is not trivial increment. We all agree to that. But still many analysts, mostly Left and Center leaning ones, have started building a narrative since 2016 that this growth story has detached itself from creation of new jobs which keeps the ground mood of people dull.

Leaving aside the later part of the narrative as political, let us take a deeper dive into the first half, i.e. India's is a jobless growth.

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Factory of Lies vs. ModiSarkar, the Elevator of India

"A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth" 

- Nothing else perhaps makes a better nutshell of today’s Great Indian Political Mahabharata, than the above; What has been popularly ascribed to Joseph Goebbels, Vladimir Lenin and many others, has its roots in Mathew 28:11-15, talking about how a rumor led to stealing of Jesus's body.

Congress party under the proprietorship of 'Gandhi' family, crumbing at the face of huge democratic surge behind the rising leadership of its rival Nationalists, seems to have resorted to repeated lies as its primary strategy. We have seen the Trident of orchestrated lies since 2010, that were targeted to puncture three faces of threats from the Nationalist camp. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and BS Yeddyurappa (Yes! believe it or not). The Trident was meant to decelerate the rise of the Hindu Nationalists in the Deccan, and to stop any possibility of the Gujarati duo from acquiring the national center-stage. While they succeeded in holding off the saffron storm in the Southern front, they succumbed in front of Modi-Shah firepower.

But since 2018,Congress party has soaked itself into the only hope of Goebbelsian lies. This time, not a Trident, but a Factory of lies. Let's take a tour of their assembly line.