Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Karkare Calling...

Reproducing from The Morung Express (Ref.)

Digvijay Singh did it again. Within mere a month after 26/11, a veteran Congress leader from Maharasthtra A.R Antulay raised the first vortex of controversies whirlpooling ATS officer Late Hemant Karkare’s death in it.
Digvijay was the first to second Antulay. It’s been long 2 years and he never ceased digging down under since then.

It was perhaps to mark the second anniversary of Antulay-ante, Digvijay resumed walking the occult line. Not of much surprise, more people from various social rungs have begun claims of ‘being called’ by the slain cop before death. An ex-commissioner of Mumbai Julio Ribeiro, similarly, held a press conference, within days of Karkare’s death, over being called and called on by him. The kernel of this ‘secret discussion’ was too minuscule to supply any information on both 26//1 and his death (or life). Ribeiro dramatically explained how Karkare was sad on his integrity being questioned by BJP, chiefly in context of alleged custodial torture on Pragya Thakur. This ‘secret discussion’ happened just a day before Karkare was gunned down. Also a trivial point that came out of the press meet was another phone call that took place between Karkare and the then Home Minister of Maharashtra, R R Patil, hours before he gave his life. This call was requesting for an extra-ATS transfer. One gist, possibly, coming out clear of all who were ‘called by’ Karkare is that he was under political pressure. Question is from which quarters? Both center and state were Congress ruled. What was the pressure for, if existed at all? Why were the pressure points not voiced when they ought to be? Why are not they in public domain? There is no single version of truth. And there is no end to stories of Karkare calling.

It was just two hours before his last breath, Late Karkare has again been claimed to call Digvijay Singh. The Congress Outcaste divulged that Karkare talked about the life threats he was receiving from different Hindutva hardliner camps. His statements are of debatable veracity but it is not very unclear, their intent is no different than that of Antulay’s ‘not terrorist bullets’ remark of 2008. Antulay was out to prove that the bullets which took Karkare’s life were from some unrecognized (possibly ‘saffron’) guns and not to mention, he was embraced like a hero even by Pakistani media. Though it was later established by IB that the bullets were from the guns of none other than Kasab & co. and there was no God’s Hand behind it, Antulay never ranted on it again.

Kavita Karkare, widow of the martyr, has rejected Digvijay’s take without any delay, terming him as a media seeking politician. The telephone company BSNL could not fetch any record to prove the call. Principle opposition party of the country has lashed out at him. His own party has already distanced itself from his statements, sensing red. There are people in Congress who termed it as a great fuss. Besieged by suspicious eyebrows both out and within, Digvijay has no other way left than to swallow his words.

Let us look back to what Antulay stirred into the swirl that caused a splatter. The former chief minister of Maharashtra repeatedly implied of probable hidden forces acting behind Karkare’s death. He did it in and outside the Lok Sabha and reiterated this to TV interviews on various channels. Antulay seemed to have stuck to two points - "Who called Karkare when he was eating and why after visiting the Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus railway station he went Southwards where Cama hospital is located and not northwards where Taj and Oberai are located".

To conclude on a lighter note, now we got to know who called Karkare hours before he left for Cama hospital, possible when he was eating. They have messed up things badly. Not sure who will retract from lies first, Antulay or Digvijay. May the soul of martyr Hemant Karkare rest in peace, unperturbed. May the nation remember him above and beyond political hues.

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