Sunday, January 19, 2014

51 Reasons to #QuitAAP

Started writing this diary on 1/19/2014...

The spontaneous and natural reflex of India's aam-aadmi got trended for 3 consecutive days and became one of the most popular buzzes in Indian social media. #QuitAAP. Why? What broke the honeymoon of Dilli-ites with the Anarchist Party of India (API - AAP should have been named this) in mere a month of their assuming power? Have they now realized that AAP was a mukhauta? I am trying to list down 101 probable reasons that made the aam-aadmi utter #QuitAAP.

1. AAP is Congress's "shikhandi front" - #AAPCon

  • 1.2 . AAP after grabbing the gaddi , to common man's surprise, turned soft to corruption cases of outgoing Congress Govt.
  • 1.3. Not only the outgoing Congress Dilli government, no AAP leader has ever whispered a word against the massive central scams like CWG, Adarsh, 2G, Tetra or Coalgate.Anti-corruption party? Mubarak ho.
  • 1.4. Kejriwal who vowed to act against Sheila Dixit's corruption, and contested against her as a symbolic gesture against corrupt forces, after becoming CM with Sheila's support, asked Leader of Opposition Dr. Harshavardhan to get proofs to act against her! 
  • 1.5. Kejriwal tweeted this in Nov end. And reality? Not power hungry I guess.