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A Factory of Lies vs. ModiSarkar, the Elevator of India

"A lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth" 

- Nothing else perhaps makes a better nutshell of today’s Great Indian Political Mahabharata, than the above; What has been popularly ascribed to Joseph Goebbels, Vladimir Lenin and many others, has its roots in Mathew 28:11-15, talking about how a rumor led to stealing of Jesus's body.

Congress party under the proprietorship of 'Gandhi' family, crumbing at the face of huge democratic surge behind the rising leadership of its rival Nationalists, seems to have resorted to repeated lies as its primary strategy. We have seen the Trident of orchestrated lies since 2010, that were targeted to puncture three faces of threats from the Nationalist camp. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and BS Yeddyurappa (Yes! believe it or not). The Trident was meant to decelerate the rise of the Hindu Nationalists in the Deccan, and to stop any possibility of the Gujarati duo from acquiring the national center-stage. While they succeeded in holding off the saffron storm in the Southern front, they succumbed in front of Modi-Shah firepower.

But since 2018,Congress party has soaked itself into the only hope of Goebbelsian lies. This time, not a Trident, but a Factory of lies. Let's take a tour of their assembly line.

Concocting a 'Promise' of 15 Lakh 

After going through almost a hundred of Modi's 2014 speeches, videos and transcripts, I could not find a single occurrence of any promise of transferring 15 Lakh to each citizen's account. Neither he himself could have told this, nor it was there in BJP's election manifesto; Neither it had a place in any BJP publication as a 'promise', nor Modi ever said that himself even in an informal verbose. And believe it or not, I have not come across a single Indian voter who voted Modi to power expecting a check of 15 Lakh in his or her account. Then where did this fabrication come from? How did Congress start making this weapon of falsehood?

At last, my mining for a clue stopped at a video of his campaign rally from 2013, at Kanker (Bastar), where Modi, then a PM candidate, was heard saying (translated), '....illegal money has been stashed outside. If we get back the money stashed abroad, it will amount to 15 lakh for each poor person in India...". He further adds, "....this money can even build railways wherever we want..." ; "....this money belongs to the poor, must be used for the poor." 

Yes, we perfectly get it now. Even those who did not vote him for some celestial or ecclesiastical compulsions, would get both the intent and literal content of his words. But the Dynasty must keep manufacture lies. And, like Rafale Lies, all their other lies too fell flat already, too soon, on their own. Only a dimwit or a crooked would still dare to claim this speech about 15 Lakh as a 'promise'.

Black Money in 100 days...

Hope, the Queen Bee's drones understand what a promise is, and how it is made! A promise is what a party publishes in its election manifesto. Let's start with BJP's 2014 manifesto and see what it says about reclamation of black money.

Snippet from BJP 2014 Election Manifesto - Action Plan on Black Money

No luck with '100 days' in the promise document. Now, let us see what Modi might have informally told to a crowd in an election campaign. Well, is it alright to expect his opponents show equal courage and magnanimity to stand by all the doles of rubbish that their proprietors usually throw at crowd in the heat of a campaign? Perhaps, not. Still, let's ponder upon what Modi said in 2014 to the crowd.

Above video was from an electrifying election rally in April, when parties made their last ditch effort to allure voters. But, wait...what happened? He still did not mention '100 days'... What to do now? Where to go now? Next, let me send all of them over to an interview of Modi in April 2014. Again, it is at the heat of the elections when last few weeks of campaign time were left. And listen to what he had to say. Even as an opposition's candidate for PM, he exactly knew what needed to be done. And, by 2019, he did all that he actually promised. (1) SC monitored SIT on Black Money 2014 (2) DeMonetization 2016 (3) Benami Property Act 2016 (4) Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (5) Fugitive Economic Offenders Act 2018 (6) Treaty with Switzerland to share financial depositors' data.  

We can see how Modi's regime from 2014 to 2018, and mentionworthily 2016, saw a series of massive steps to restore the sanity of Indian economy and curtail black money. But, where was the promise of 100 days? Then who promised it? Did the Queen Bee have a nightmare, or a divine message from the Roman sky perhaps! 

Dynasty made a sack of such lies and is drowning in the bog with it. But let us not forget what Modi's bold steps resulted in till date. By 2018, Indians' money stashed in Swiss Banks reduced by whopping 80% !!! Is it not natural why the out-on-bail Dynasty fears Modi?

Distress of DeMonetization, et al.

Some claim, Modi caused immense distress during DeMo and it continued beyond promised 50 days. There is no denial that implementation of DeMo could be smoother, but in a complex demographics and large population like India, even 50 days was an over-ambitious plan. And from my personal experience, after 50 days, cash influx to local banks became almost normal. I traveled extensively across West Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha during the 50 days range of DeMo, covering 9 cities, talking to at least 130+ people, from all sections, in person. And except in some pockets, situation was way more a relief than many apprehended. 

Also, the paybacks of DeMo overshadows the pains. In one push, just in a quarter's time, such a large and populous country with challenged Fintech capabilities, embraced digital economy. Success of BHIM and other UPI enabled mobile payment processing systems speak aloud of the merits of Demonetization. Also, in one quarter's time, the country that suffered a fourth of its economy running as an unaccounted parallel distributary, made a legitimate acquisition of that to its mainstream. Over 2 Lakh shell companies were investigated and shutdown. Real Estate sector got its much waited correction. Overall, DeMo is a global case study of how a decisive government must act.

Forbes published a very positive analysis after 50 days of DeMo, where the economist Tim Worstall says, "India's Demonetization 50 Days In - Not Perfect But Moving In The Right Direction". Elections held after demonetization, like the large agrarian states of Uttar Pradesh and Assam, gave a thumping verdict to Modi. Distress beyond 50 days - logic got shattered into pieces. 
A job well done PM.

Creating cloud of doubts on Mudra Loan

Nothing. Absolutely nothing in independent India has enabled the micro-entrepreneurs as Mudra did. The stated goals of Mudra Mitra Yojana or Mudra Loan is: A business micro-financing loan for Vendors, Traders, Shopkeepers and other Service Sector activities" for income generation and employment generation. There are three categories of Mudra loan disbursements. Shishu - up to   50,000. Kishor - ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 5,00,000. And Tarun - ₹ 5,00,000 to 10,00,000. 

While some seem to be stuck with the average loan amount disbursed, but conveniently forgetting the number of beneficiaries in just 3.5 years. Since April 2015, Mudra loans have been disbursed to 13+ Crore people, positively impacting lives of at least 40 Crore people including their family members! This is a huge deal. A financial assistance to the need of families relying upon small and micro businesses and their expansions, covering 30% of India's population.

Now let us also look at some of the unputdownable achievements of Mudra that is changing the game for our country.

(1) 74% of Mudra beneficiaries are women
(2) 55% of Mudra loan grantees are from SC/ST/OBC section
(3) 28% of Mudra beneficiaries are first time entrepreneurs
(4) For last 3 years, Mudra loan disbursements have either met or are above annual target (2018-19* data is incomplete)
(5) 13+ Crore beneficiaries till 2018, impacting approx. 40 Crore Indian lives!

Mudra alone is the touchstone to bring in India's first MSME revolution in next 3-5 years. 

India's Foreign Affairs, Neighbors and Soft Power...

Modi has to be personally credited for creating three meaningful global soft power alliances. 
To some students of international relations, his vision is often cultural and too idealistic to take wings. At least that was assumed about the fate of International Solar Alliance (ISA). But, contrary to the belief, ISA proved to be a successful and expanding forum. PM Modi and French President François Hollande, as co-founders, conceived it in Paris UN Climate Change Conference, 2015 and later laid foundation of ISA as the platform of Suryaputra (blessed with the Sun) nations at Gurugram in 2016. Which started with 17 nations, has now expanded to 122 nations and a thriving stage of multi national cooperation of solar energy and technologies.

Similarly raised were some eyebrows when he proposed for International Yoga Day at UNGA in 2014. Again, he proved all critics wrong as Yoga Day has truly turned into a world movement, participated across the planet. Yoga and Ayurveda are two immensely potential soft power that still need to be cultivated manifold. Yoga is drawing great deal of interest among international societies, universities, businesses and governments. 

Back in South Asia, with the fall out of SAARC, need for erecting an alternative regional cooperation was felt as early as pre-2000's. A group that could do away with incessant Pakistani bickering on Kashmir and focus on growth and real regional well being. Since its inception in 1997, BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) remained an unexplored group, void of initiatives and funds. This regional group itself had the seeds to be the new SAARC minus Pakistan. And yet again, it took a Modi to give it the boost it required.

By bringing BIMSTEC at the side-rails of BRICS Summit, 2016 in Goa, Modi gave BIMSTEC the global attention and limelight it needed. With its HQ in Dhaka, Bangladesh, built with Indian aid, BIMSTEC has now de facto become the most relevant South Asian alliance for outreach and India's bridge with ASEAN.

Indian Passport that used to be ranked 74 in 2014, has now improved to 66 by end of 2018. Almost 60 countries now allow visa free entries to Indian passport. Credit goes to only and only vision of Modi and his government.

We have also witnessed in the last four years how rogue State Pakistan has been cornered in international community, and how regional harmony has been restored in South Asia with mutual commitments of governments in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives. India's increasing proximity and partnership value to the United States benefits not only the two democracies but East and the West of the world.

The fastest Poverty alleviation ever in free India

Indian economists and journalists who grew in dynasty ecosystem would never tell you this. But India has halved the below-poverty population since 2014. And as per a Brooking's Report , 44 Indians are escaping poverty every minute today. This has been the fastest poverty elimination that free India ever experienced. This rate is double than that could be achieved during UPA term, and its landing period during early years of NDA2. 
An interactive world poverty clock , shows the rate in a more visible way. Whereas in January 2016, India had 90,195,468 people living in extreme poverty, there are 49,679,480 people living in extreme poverty by the end of 2018, achieving thrice the poverty reduction rate India had targeted for. With this rate, the report projects, by 2020, only under 3% of Indian population may still remain in extreme poverty. It does not need an economist for any Indian to understand the scale of measures taken by the government. PM's visionary Jan Dhan Yojana, Skill India, Mudra Yojana, Electricity for All, Ayushman Bharat (ModiCare), PM Avaas Yojana (Housing for All), building toilets in schools, households, providing free LPG connections - all these massive social welfare schemes have started showing their results, that is making India we should be proud of.

The gift of Swachchata Mission

By October 2019, BJP Government has set its target to make India 100% Open Defecation Free (ODF). And they will achieve it. 
National sanitation coverage that was at ~35% in 2014 with decades of negligence, has reached 98% by end of 2018. Twenty seven states, 597 districts and 5.44 lakh villages have been ODF so far, as of Jan 2019. Since October 2014, ModiSarkar has built 9.17 Crore toilets across the country. These numbers alone tell you the scale, speed and objective on war footing. It only tells what a go-getter can do for the country.


In a WHO report in 2017, the organization has referred that at least 180,000 diarrhoeal deaths were averted in rural India since the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission. With its fullest opportunity, as Government of India targets to achieve by October 2019, as many as 300,000 diarrhoeal deaths can be averted, due to Swachch Bharat Mission alone. Some troll sites, hiding behind jacket of journalism, have twisted these numbers without understanding anything out of it. For sure, the fraudulent and penny paid online media do not get numbers. 

Swachch Bharat Mission is not only changing the face of public hygiene in India but also face of India in the world. 

What has Modi done for India?

Even after talking about all above achievements for hours, I have found a few retarded minds go back to the same question- But, what has Modi done for India? I believe these people have a challenge realizing, for Modi, there is no Italy, but only India to serve for. For those with challenged understanding, putting the highlights together in one place. Here is Narendra Modi for you:

Modi Made Easy:
  • Housing for All: 2+ Crore houses were constructed for the poor
  • Open Defecation Free India: 9+ Crore toilets were built for those who did not have access to healthy sanitation
  • Banking for All: 33 Crore new Jan Dhan bank accounts opened in just 2 years for those who could never access banking
  • Insurance for All: 50 Crore poor people now targeted to be covered under a massive Ayushman Bharat health and life insurance coverage - the largest of its kind in the world
  • Illumination for All: 32 Crore LED bulbs provided to families that not only saves energy for the Nation but to their households too
  • Rozgar for All: 13+ Crore Mudra loan disbursed
  • Healthy Cooking Fuel for All: 7 Crore LPG Connections granted to the poor people of India. Household LPG connection coverage jumped from 55% in 2014 to 90% in 2018
  • Electricity for All: 2 Crore free new electricity connections to the households
  • Roads for Growth: 1.8 Lakh km Road, with more than double the speed of constructed km per day than UPA
  • Affordable Air Travel: 35 new airports built under Udan Scheme that connects every pocket of the country
  • Higher Education Booster: 7 New IITs, IIMs, IIITs each; 12 New AIIMS
  • Affordable Food Price: One of the lowest food inflation in last 20 years. Current CPI based retail inflation is at 2.19% compared to more than 10% in 2011-12
  • Data for All: Cheap Mobile data; Cheap internet; 150,000 villages to connected with fiber optic network by 2019
  • Affordable Basic Commodities: 97% of products brought at or under 18% of GST tax rate
  • Golden Age for Northeast: Northeast connected with railways for the first time in history
  • A Gov that respects jawan vets: One Rank One Pension (OROP) that was pending for 40+ years implemented by Modi
  • Farmers' Demand Fulfilled: 1.5 times support price for farm produce, as per Swaminathan Commission, that was pending for 23 years, implemented by Modi
  • Electricity Accessibility: India jumps 73 spots to 26 rank in World Bank’s electricity accessibility list - under Modi
  • Ease of Doing Business: India jumped 53 spots in World Bank's Ease of Doing Business in last 4 years, under Modi
  • Power Surplus Nation: India is now a power surplus nation, again credit goes to Modi's power policies
  • 5th Largest Economy: We are now the 5 largest economy in the world under Modi, up from 9th under UPA! And still the fastest growing major economy
  • ForEx Boom: India's Forex reserves have swollen from $300bn to $421bn, under Modi
  • Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar bijli: No village left in India without electricity; 95% of India's households are not having electricity, Thanks to Modi
  • Skyrocketing FDI: Modi attracted $60bn worth of FDI compared to $36bn under UPA
  • More Taxpayers: 80% growth in the number of people coming under income tax bracket
  • ...

I can keep adding Modi's achievements, that are massive, at scale, phenomenal. By all records and standards, ModiSarkar is the most performing government India ever got. This fact has passed way beyond the scope of a studio debate now. 

Indira created 'gareebi hathao' (Remove Poverty) as a slogan for polls. Her second filial heir wants to remove a true leader who is exactly removing poverty, faster than never before.

-- Blogger is a South Asia enthusiast at @SACRIR 
-- Blogger claims no credit for photos or videos. Rights belong to the linked sources, unless specified.

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