Friday, January 22, 2010

Devegowda & Tiwari - no culprits but symptoms of a 'poison ivy' democracy

Desperate JD(S) leader of Karnataka and former 'work-around' Prime Minister of India Mr. H D Devegowda used the B*tard word against Karnataka CM Mr. Yeddyurappa on Jan 11th
did not raise much eyebrows in political pockets of India. Surprisingly again, I did not find a single 'India at 9' or 'News Hour Debate' on the great electronic media of democratic India, when sex-scam of N D Tiwari, to everybody's astonishment, got flashed in public. Thanks to ABN Andhrajyoti, the only one left out, who did not care the red-eyes of invisible ring-masters at 10 Janpath and did what the 'fourth pillar of democracy', ideally, is expected to deliver.

But to the saddest end, media in India is nothing but a paper tiger dancing at whip or whim. There are ample samples of how
channels churn facts with propaganda and sell to a billion. Even there are times when IBN and NDTV journos act too audaciously to be termed as a fair and free pressman. Often these channels are found to indulge in one-sided panel brainstorming with scribes chiefly from Calcutta Telegraph and Outlook who are never regarded as unbiased ones. And these sort of discussions usually end with practically no or subdued scope of alternative opinion. Supressio veri isn't it?
Rahul Gandhi's recent trip to Indore has drawn much attention in media not because of Indore university VC dictated all students to attend his rally and allowed him the noble space of university to be misused for political purposes but for ABVP-raised protests against VC's politicization of university. The news transcripts this week headed with lines like "BJP govt showcauses VC for allowing 'political' Rahul". The word political needs to be quoted to remark his trip. Indeed. And this was the same media who roared at Jammu University when the JU VC let Dr. Shyamaprasad Mookerjee Research Foundation organize a national apolitical seminar early 2009.

Devegowda, Raj Thakrey, Tiwari and their near-past camaraderie are no 'culprits' as it is redefined every other day, at ease, to suit the needs of ring masters and supported by all pillars of democracy. Legislation, judiciary, bureaucracy and media and their maneuver to sustain this model is widely visible. This is a 'poison ivy' democracy and with this arrogance of non-treatment would only lead itself to be cancerous.

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