Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Rajneeti' - Dynasty and political slavery of Indians

'Die ya nasty' - that's what can be uttered at 'dynasty' in politics after watching Prakash Jha's latest, over-dramatized at times still with bit of truth-base, flick 'Rajneeti'.
The background of the movie can ideally be correlated with the malignity of UP politics mixed with dynastic power houses. But, despite all hullabaloo by 'Orc' soldiers of '10 Janpath', it has less to do with Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Though Congress is the only dynastic, undemocratic national political organization of the largest democracy India, the film has even lesser similarity with regional family-run businesses like Karuna-Stalin-Azhaigiri's DMK or Devegowda-Kumaraswamy's JD(S) or Biju-Navin's BJD or Kansi-Maya's BSP. Internal family rifts over political pelf have been observed in the Thackerays and suspiciously Gandhis too, but not like what's there in in film.

So, the film essentially is a mere fictitious story which Congress does not need to react too. Or do they think everything nastily 'dynastic' points toward them? Yes, culprit minds often behave like this.
But the greater surprise lies elsewhere. And that is slavery state of mind of people - both within the party and voters & supporters outside. In a democracy, where every constitutionally approved organization has to be democratic why can't the baton be passed to anyone else? Why siblings, filials and kins become obvious?

Not that the phenomenon of political inheritance has never or does not occur anywhere else in global democracies? But Bush's eldest son Bush can not be cited as a comparable excuse always. Neither do Bill & Hillary as the Clintons almost ventured into politics simultaneously, without leveraging on one another's inheritance. Unlike the lineage of Nehru-Indira-Sanjay(failed)-Rajiv-Sonia-Rahul-Priyanka(possible)-?. Once coincidence, twice safe-game, thrice dynasty - an autocracy within a democracy.

Are not there talents available in Congress? Pranab, Chidambaram and in past Kamraj astonished everybody with the same state of mind. Interestingly, Congress does not let another dynasty to crop up within a dynasty. And hence rejected Jagan's claim over Rajsekhar's legacy in AP. Unequal rights to nepotism is another violation of democratic equality!

The only answers I get from Congress fans justifying this slavery is 'this family has lost two members for nation' and bla blahs. And the only answer to them is - well we mourn for their deaths too, but do people remember dozens of other Indian leaders who also lost their lives for nation? Do they remember Beant Singh, the CM of Punjab who's life was brutally taken by Khalistanis for the same cause Indira lost her life? Do they ever urge to know why PM Lalbahadur Shastri died without a trace of investigation in Taskhent? Do they care to ask Abdullahs how Shyamaprasad gave his life in Kashmir prison? Do they ever know the name of Pratap Singh Kairon, another CM of Punjab? Do they know how many politicians and activists of Chhatisgarh, Orissa etc., like Budra Sodi, Sukra Oram have been gunned down by Maoists? Have their heirs been on streets begging for votes on their martyr ancestors' name? Alas! this nation only succumbs to propaganda machinery. This nation succumbs to slavery.

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