Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cost of raising Rahul

I have listened to many - from commoners to 'elites' that Indians carry a gene of slavery and it is an 'Lamarckian Acquired Syndrome' that got built over centuries of forced labor and suppression of emotions by aliens on Indians.
In 1947, India was set free from one cage to another. From white Britishers to browns. Nothing changed. Yes, often I do agree with them - nothing changed.

From East India Company, power got transferred to Nehru-Gandhi Company, Westminster parliamentary system retained, British constitution retained with less than 5% change whatever made by Ambedkar, a party's flag becoming national flag and wait...this is not just history! Our great economist Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been seen to receive his honorary doctorate touching the feet of the Queen on England.

And then, there came an alien woman, whose past is too dark to be revealed and yet is the supremo of the party that rules a billion. Some hyper-progressives might think if I am struck by xenophobia like the Chinese. Well, this is not what Chinese only think reasonable, this is followed by every sensible entity in the world - be it Germany or even the 'much touted as liberal' US. Yes, even Mr. Obama, before presidential polls, had to publicly declare that he is born to an American citizen and is a practicing Christian. Liberal indeed.

And then Indians had a biological heir to the mysterious woman to pass the baton to. The 'lollypop' Rahul-baba was overnight turned into a youth-messiah by a propaganda machine, called media. Without any prior record of the simplest achievement, he was made the general secretary of that family run political-business house. No surprise. And now is being bowed by bureaucrats to administrators, from legislators to press as the uncrowned monarch of a 'democratic' nation. Largest democracy indeed. But no, he is never a paper-tiger!! Who says that? I am not...Do you? Worthless communal buffoon, mind your own business. If you are in India, behave like a Rahul-follower!

When this tiger takes his bike riding lessons, main roads are made closed by Delhi administrators. Yes, common people can change their flow of daily life. This is so little a sacrificed by the subjects for their uncrowned king. And the security arrangements? Who else needs to secured? In big countries, accidents like 26/11 are expected. But here we are talking about a prince. Security juggernauts must be moved, as his forefathers lost lives, even amidst the utmost security tightness.

Our prince has now a noble hobby too. Every novelty has, so don't ogle at it. He goes to slums and villages, roams around towns and muffassils - but why? Oh come one. Sillybilly questions. He is asking youth to join his family business, fools.

Based upon some facts, guesses and estimates, I tried to compute the cost of each of such leisure trip of the prince.

Security (at all hopping point) - 2.8 crore
Logistics (including chartered flights, special trains) - 1.8 crore
Publicity and media expenses - 3.5 crore
(* prorated on the umbrella contract that Congress has with almost all media houses)
Impact to air/railway/road traffic - 3.1 crore
Misc expenses and manpower - 0.8 crore

Total = 12 crores

And out 'Savior of slumdogs' 'gen-x Gandhi' Prince Rahul is now making 36-40 such trips per year while he made 79 trips in 2009. This results to 119x12=1428 crores in INR. Too small an amount for Nehru-Gandhi company to discuss.

But question from a commoner is - does this money come from Congress's own exchequer? Does anyone ask me to believe this? If yes, Congress transactions need to be audited. Does anyone ask me to believe that blackmarketers and hoarders and corporate (FMCG) houses are not the fundraiser for Rahul's trip at common man's demise?

This untangles another mystery, as I already mentioned in my previous blog - "Price Rise in India has transactional root cause". Shut the filthy mouth up. I can not bear a single word against Prince Rahul. I am a pukka Indian.

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