Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jairam Ramesh had to swallow brinjal, nation saved for the time being

A mistake committed in Copenhagen climate meet has and will have its tentacular mesh over a hundred aftermaths. Can India and other developing nations absorb the malice, what the first world term as 'carbon debts'?
Or if yes, how long. And with inefficient or easy-purchasable ministers of the ilk of Jairam Ramesh and Sharad Pawar, can India sustain in this cold war?

In Copenhagen, what was signed off as treaty was a treason to India's interests. Mr Ramesh did nothing to counter it in the summit, but started jumping like apes immediately after landing back on Indian soil. This is nothing new, but a trend set by his distant Congress predecessors. Indian representatives lose every time on international negotiation tables and label themselves as martyrs or scapegoats as a tool to befool a billion. Many a questions were raised on the outcome of Copenhagen. Was Kyoto protocol respected? Did first world really talk any sense to us? Was food security of India and other developing and agro-based economies ensured? The answer is NO.

Developed nations asked India to bow to their carbon needs. They will continue emitting carbon which countries like India has to absorb. How? by growing more trees. What a conspiracy! are we the dumping ground for developed worlds' garbage? If we have to take up mass afforestation, where will our cultivable land go? How to feed a billion plus? Well, the answer from first world at Copenhagen was "Buy food from us". Whoa! Mystery solved.

BT Brinjal from Monsato-Mahyco is just in-line with above that followed immediately after the summit. The hurry and desperation of Congress government to allow this dangerously engineered breed of eggplant raises many eyebrows. Was the purchase order already pre-approved by Ramesh? Was it a deal?

Before discussing how Ramesh had to swallow this brinjal for the time, let us take a look on why millions of not-so-befooled Indians opposed it. Based upon the synthesis and analysis by Greanpeace and Committee for Independent Research and Information on genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) the most serious concerns on Bt brinjal are:

1. Outdated GM technology used to breed Bt brinjal induces antibody resistance which is a health hazard
2. This 'fake-food' contains 16-17 mg/Kg Bt insecticide toxins that leads to blood, liver and uric acid disorder
3. It triggers 'hormone-syndromed' disorder in health and behavior of cows
4. It bears testimony to 100s of allergy cases and has been proved as contributor for 1000s of sheep deaths
5. Suppliers will not release any seed of this breed and hence Indian farmers will not be able to cultivate it.
6. Due to its artificially expedited growth and volume, 100s of indigenous breeds will lose grounds to it. Then what will happen to India's poor brinjal farmers?

Scientist Pushp Bhargava from Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) has urged government not to allow GM crops and Bt brinjal terming it as the "single largest disaster" to ecology. Eminent scientist Rupert Sheldrake and Micheal Antoniou from the department of medical and molecular genetics at King's College, London have criticized Indian government's growing support to GM crops and Bt brinjal.

Thousands of young and aware Indians, environmentalists, scientists, philanthropists have been engaged in severe protests against government's suspicious sympathy toward GM crops. Farmers have shown agitations across India from Punjab to Kochin, Nagpur to Orissa against Bt brinjal. Socio-economic forums like Swadeshi Jagaran Manch organized resistance to government on this matter. Mass signature campaign raised. Amidst rough protests in Hyderabad, 'noble soul' Jairam Ramesh got irritated and advised a protester mental help.

We understand what compelled you, Mr. Ramesh, to swallow the brinjal for the time being. People of India saved themselves and the nation from this 'big baingan-bharta' and its witch-brewers like you. I ask you Mr. Ramesh to seek for a mental asylum. With a government and evil-flock of ministers like this, this nation does not need an enemy.

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