Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second Emergency in India by Indira's Family

A black day for Indian democracy. Following an utter failure to contain a deadly Islamist (read not Islamic) riot by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in Assam province, Government got 'Jo Huzoor' media bail it out. Within days, Islamists in Mumbai demonstrated violent protests against a handful death of fellow 'Muslim Brothers' in Assam and Rohingya terrorists in Myanmar. Result, public buses were burned, people's properties vandalized, police attacked, women raped in the name of 'Islamist' way of protest.

Mumbai after Assam was an even more shameful failure of intelligence and administration on Congress Government's part. And when mammoth scams of unforeseen volume involving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are being unearthed, Govt finds itself politically entangled . Illegal coal mine distribution which emerges as the biggest scandal of free India leads to a total displacement of 1.83 Lakh Crores rupees, calculated conservatively. Seized in quicksand, Govt under de facto rule of Sonja Gandhi (aka Antonia Maino) prefers to ban de jure opposition, the Hindutva bloc. The first step was to curtail free speech and all that criticizes the tarnished UPA-II Government.

This is an act of Fasco-Stalinist State, which could never be imagined in India but under Congress. On Aug 22, 2012 India has blocked Twitter handles of mainstream journalists like @KanchanGupta of The Pioneer and Editor of NitiCentral and @ShivAroor,  Asst Editor of the Headlines Today along with at least 200 blogs and hundreds of social media handles. And most of them do not provoke anything but against corruption and votebank-based inequality of law.

Rightly points out Max Fisher that the contrasting approach of two governments, the U.S and India, in dealing with internet freedom will in turn harm India's capability to deal with ground issues. Writer terms the U.S advice to India to respect freedom as "..growing divide between the two governments on web freedom".

Though some journalists tried to make a fun of it initially, once the unbelievable got confirmed, anger poured onto Twitter.

Nationalist social activists wear black badge and Twitter trends this as #Emergency2012 in India. A revolt on social media is felt.

Along with this also trending on top #GOIBlocks in protest of unwarranted autocratic bane on free speech. Cry of the hour is while rapists of Guwahati pub case are still not behind bars, rioters of 1984 anti-Sikh communal riots are in government, men who vandalized national monument 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' still not brought to justice, Government opted to score political points by misusing power against responsible citizens and journalists who expose misdeeds of ruling party.

When will this 'peaceful protester' be sentenced behind bars? 
(Image Courtesy: MidDay) 

Indira Gandhi lashed Emergency, a black spot on Indian democracy in '75. In 37 years, her family whipped another state of Emergency on Indian people. But not Stalin, not even Hitler succeeded for ever.  Nor will Fascist Nehru dynasty. Satyameva Jayate!

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