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Yes We Can

Addendum to the below blog:

Thanks to Center Right India for making Modi's 2004 Vibrant Gujarat speech available to us. In 2004, Narendra Modi thundered "Yes Gujarat can, and Gujaratis will" slogan from VibGuj stage, in presiding presence of Vajpayee. In the video we can see how enthusiastically he thrusts his firm fists up asking audience to echo "Gujarat can, Gujaratis will". Well, this was 4 years before Lady Michelle Obama made it as Democrats' Presidential campaign slogan. One more example that no one, unlike claimed by NDTV, Digvijay Singh and their trolls, has a copyright on "Yes we can" and one more proof that how low the Leftist Congress can stoop down to.

Original blog:

Narendra Modi has always been a charmer in his public speeches and the one in LB Stadium of Hyderebad was no exception. While his closed-audience lectures like those in commerce institutions, colleges or professional platforms focus more on facts, statistics and his governance success, his public rallies are populist, emotive and buzzy. And this is the perfect balance many profiled orators crave for.

Modi is a smart innovator in rhetorical communications and his recent inventions have touched quite a chord in the masses. His FILE-vs-LIFE anagram, SRP - Sonja-Rahul-Priyanka (and not Special Reserved Police) amphibological acronym, IT+IT=IT (Indian Talent + Info Tech = India Tomorrow - an acronymous alliteration etc. are not only frequent terms in political journals but also among his pan Indian audience.

What, in Hyderabad speech, he concluded with, spread like a wildfire. "Yes we can". The stadium thundered when around a lakh voices resonated with it. It rejuvenated his fans, frustrated his haters. Some, influenced by few Left aligned TV channels, tried to spark controversy, by claiming that it was copied from Obama's campaign. But mediocrity of Leftists and hollowheadedness of their trolls could not even get to the essence of it.
Narendra Modi speaking at NavBharat YuvaBheri, Hyderabad

"Yes we can" was no exclusive for Obama. When Lady Michelle proposed this to him as the main campaign slogan for 2008 Presedential polls, he was reluctant as he did not find it appealing enough to convince people. His wife insisted. It made history. There are claims that Republicans hovered over a similar slogan too, later rejected. This has been the slogan to rouse a crowd by a number of sportsmen, evangelists, R&B artists and public speakers from ages unknown.

Guru Kautilya gave this message to young Chandragupta in achieving what the former dreamt as a united sovereign Bharat. Swami Vivekananda had a similar version on the revival of Hindus and Indians. The slogan was quite popular during Jaiprakash Narayan's crusade against Indira. Cesar Chavez, a Latino-Hispanic farmworkers' union leader used 'Si se Puede" (Spanish for "Yes we can") in 1972 to motivate workers. In 1974 baseball star Dave Cash's use of this phrase made sports reporters run behind him for long. Scottish Nationalist Party made "Yes we can" the cover note of their election manifesto in 1997 British elections. In 2006, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick used this in his run for the post. After Lady Obama picked it up in 2008, Ahmadinejad used "Ma Mitavinim" (Persian for the words) in his rerun campaign. Later picked by political and apolitical movements across the globe, from Bangladesh (আমরাও পারি) to South Sudan; saw some placards with these three words in Anna Hazare's fasting and hear it at least once a month from my wife when she feels I am Hitler incarnated.

Leftist media and Congress's Twitter trolls are not qualified enough to trace a root of things that go against them. But one more important point they missed here is "Yes we will" that Modi added to this vapid aged "Yes we can" stuff. This is Modi's imprint of affirmation that he leaves everywhere he steps in. Mechanics students can relate, if "Yes we can" denotes potential energy, "Yes we will" has kinetic component in it. This exactly goes with what people understand by NaMo-Mantra - "No Act, but Action".

While some may be paid or, by other means, made enthused to show people a Obama-shadow on Modi (and believe me, there's no harm in it), I will bet on the "Will" part that most in the nation have bought in. The second half of his punch line is not derived, influenced, copied. It's 100% Modi-ish. It's his demonstrated success in Gujarat model of good governance that gives him confidence to add this. Unlike the yuvaraj of other camp, who, people often question, has been always dark on both potential and kinetics, accomplishment and abilities.

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